Slip And Fall

Slip Trip and Fall

With the ownership of property come rights, in addition there are also obligations. One of the most important obligations is the duty to maintain one's property (and any structures on it) in a safe and responsible manner. This means keeping it free of dangerous conditions that can seriously injure another person.

Unfortunately many property owners fail to keep up there end of the deal. And as such people get hurt, Slip trip, and fall accidents are fairly common. They can happen anywhere and cause great personal harm. In addition these accidents can occur in a number of areas including.


Unfortunately, when it comes to injuries on another's property, slip, trip and fall accidents are just the beginning. Other serious incidents can include

  • Animal attacks
  • Amusement park ride accidents
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Exposure to toxic materials


Due to the nature and frequency of these types of accidents, an entire set of law known as "Premise Liability" exists to place accountability on the parties responsible: on the property owners who did not fulfill their obligation to keep there property safe.

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