Elevator Accidents


We look to nurses, doctors and healthcare providers to help us when we are hurt, or sick. However on occasion those who are supposed to make us feel better, and take care of us can leave us worse off than when we started.

What are some types of medical malpractice?


Anesthesia errors
Some of the most routine procedures require anesthesia. The administration of anesthesia is a sensitive technique used to sedate you the patient in order to properly perform a the procedure in question. The improper usage of equipment or oxygen during the administration of anesthesia can cause complications, and even death.

Birth injuries
The birth of a child is a wonderful occasion; however negligence can turn this great event into a tragedy. Negligence in child birth includes injuries sustained to the newborn that can result in brain damage, or cerebral palsy.

Child delivery
Any medical staff that is assisting with pregnancy and or childbirth can face charges of medical malpractice in the event that they fail to recognize abnormalities. Furthermore medical staff can also be held liable in the event that they are negligent during the labor or delivery phase of child birth which in course leads to a birth injury.

Delayed diagnosis
Failure to quickly diagnose a medical issue can further exasperate your condition. Examples of delayed diagnosis include a failure to diagnose breast cancer in its early stages.

Defective medication
If you have taken or are currently taking medication that is defective, you may be entitled to compensation. If you where not made aware of the side effects you may be entitled to compensation as well.

Defective medical products
Sometimes doctors or other healthcare professionals recommend products to help us in our times of need. Unfortunately sometimes they products do not work and only make things worse. If you have been harmed by a defective medical product you can see damages on the doctor, healthcare professional or the manufacturer of said product.

Failure to diagnose
When the patient gives the doctor all of the proper information related to their problem, and the doctor makes an incorrect diagnosis resulting in injuries to the patient, you may seek a lawsuit. An example of which is failure to diagnose a disease.

Improper medical procedures
A delay in treatment or a mistake by a medical professional can be very costly to you the patient.  If you are the victim of careless activity you should contact an attorney immediately.

Medication errors
Physicians write prescriptions and pharmacist fill out prescriptions for us all the time. If the dosage is incorrect, or the instructions for the usage of said medication is improper it can be detrimental to your health. You can file a claim against a doctor or pharmacist for

  • Incorrect dosage
  • Hard to read hand written prescriptions
  • Medication confusion due to similar spelling


Misdiagnosis is steadily becoming a problem in the medical field. A misdiagnosis can lead to long term suffering, and even in worst case death due to lack of treatment.

Nursing home abuse
Often times we send our elders to nursing homes, in order to get the constant care they require. Sometimes the care givers, or nursing staff take liberties with our loved ones well being. Negligence or abuse from a nursing home can cause your loved one mental and physical pain and suffering, and even death. Types of Nursing home abuse can include: emotional, physical, and financial.

Surgical errors
Surgery can be simple and painless or dangerous and time consuming. Regardless of the type of surgery errors by the surgical staff or the surgeon can cause complications, or even death.

Wrongful death
A malpractice claim can be brought against a doctor or healthcare professional when the patient dies as the result of negligence or medical malpractice. You can seek compensation for pain and suffering, as well as lost wages.

If you have suffered because of a doctor or hospital, the law limits the amount of time you have to file a claim. Do not wait, contact the Laufer Law Group, we can help you.

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