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Are you a tenant with a landlord problem? Are you a landlord with a tenant problem? If so the Laufer Law Group can help. The terms of a landlord tenant agreement are very straight forward.

As a Tenant you are obligated to

  • Pay rent in a timely fashion.
  • Dispose of garbage.
  • Properly use the fixtures and appliances.
  • Not to damage or allow damage to your unit.
  • Keep your premises clean and sanitary.
  • Return the property to the initial condition it was in when it was rented to you.
  • Comply with your rental agreement.


If the tenant cannot perform his/her duties, the landlord can then seek to evict the tenant. In the event that fails to maintain the premises, the landlord can:

  • Make repairs to the premises and bill the tenant.
  • Sue the tenant for damages.
  • Sue to force compliance with rental agreement.
  • Evict the tenant.


As a Landlord you are obligated to

  • Be accessible to the tenant (or have an accessible representative).
  • Keep the property up to code.
  • Provide the facilities to supply hot & cold water, electricity, and heat.
  • Provide a sensible program for pest control.
  • Provide adequate locks for doors.
  • Maintain appliances furnished with the rental unit.
  • Maintain the walls and roof.
  • Maintain all structural components.
  • Comply with duties imposed by local laws.


A landlord cannot knowingly rent property that is condemned. If a landlord fails to perform the duties listed above, there are 3 types of solutions that are available to the tenant:

  • You have the right to terminate the rental agreement, and move out of the premises after giving written notice.
  • You have the right to sue.
  • You have the right to make limited repairs to the premises and deduct the cost from your rent.


Regardless of which side you are on, landlord, or tenant. The Laufer Law Group can help you, we have the expertise in dealing with landlord and tenant related litigation.

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