Elevator Accidents

Elevators are used across the world every day. We use them in almost every facet of our lives, and yet they go unnoticed. Unfortunately sometimes the most common piece of equipment can go wrong.

Elevator Accidents can occur to passengers and persons who work on or near elevators, with results ranging from serious injury to even death. Lack of maintenance and defective parts are two common causes of Elevator Accidents, which can take place when the elevator cabin.

Elevator accidents can be caused by a number of different factors, including:

  • Elevator does not open level with the floor
  • Elevator gets stuck
  • Elevator doors open onto empty shafts
  • Closing elevator doors hit people
  • Elevator misses a floor in building
  • Elevator suddenly speeds up or slows down
  • Elevator passengers trip while entering or exiting
  • Entrapment between the elevator's car and its side wall
  • Elevator plummets down the shaft
  • Mechanical break down or faulty pulley system allows the elevator to fall freely down the car passage
  • Unbalanced leveling causes the elevator to not line up as it should with the floor
  • Uncovered elevator shaft causes falls
  • Entrapment inside an elevator for a long period (can cause asphyxiation)
  • Faulty elevator wiring may cause accidental electrocution
  • Sudden jerks and halts cause riders to lose their balance and fall


Building management and elevator maintenance companies can be held responsible for an elevator accident. The Laufer Law Group can help if you or a love one has be injured in an elevator.

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